Celcibus products

The future of the fuel cell is noble-metal free

The basis of Celcibus’ products is the discovery that it is possible to replace noble metals as the active sites in the fuel cell catalyst. With a catalyst from Celcibus all problems with noble metals can be avoided, such as high cost, no control over mining conditions, and cumbersome recycling processes involving hazardous chemicals.

Celcibus’ patents cover the catalyst product, and its manufacturing and application in fuel cells.

Pure catalyst and up to 7-layer MEAs

Celcibus develops both pure catalyst and 7-layer MEAs. Membrane electrode assembly (MEA) consists of a membrane coated with both cathode and anode catalysts and a gas distribution layer (GDL) on each side.

Commercial products are expected in 2022, but both catalyst and MEA are already available for R&D projects and evaluation. Contact us for further specifications.

Catalyst powder